• Lack of Oversight and Government 
    ​Regulation Gives Credit Card Processors 
    ​Free Rein to ​Overbill Merchants. 

Made-Up fees

The processor made-up a new fee called “Network Acquired Fee”. Since the processor places this in the Assessments section of their statement, it gives the illusion that the fee was from Visa or MasterCard.


If you do a web search for "Network Acquired Fee", you will get "Visa Fixed Network Acquired Fee". The processor’s trick here is to use a made-up fee that sounds like a real fee. However, they have nothing to do with one another. One is a real fee from Visa, and the other is just made up by the processor to hide that they are charging you more.  

This is just one of the dozens of made-up fees, costing merchants millions of dollars each year


The processor can double their profit while making it appear they are charging a low Discount Rate.   

  • Impossible to detect

  • Requires an audit to uncover

  • Found on about 50% of audits

  • Found on small to large merchants

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