• Lack of Oversight and Government 
    ​Regulation Gives Credit Card Processors 
    ​Free Rein to ​Overbill Merchants. 

Missing Volume

When the processor removes the Processing Volume, the Interchange Fee can no longer be validated. 


Normally, one would take the fee (e.g. $43.26) and divide it by the processing volume to give you the rate the processor charged for Interchange (e.g. if the MasterCard Interchange Fee for Data II is 2.05%, did the processor charge the merchant 2.05% or 2.95%?).                  


Is the processor tacking on an extra 0.10% or an extra 3%?        


The processor will charge a very low Discount Rate and make all their profit on marking up the Interchange Fees, making it impossible to catch or to know how much you are truly paying. 

  • Fairly easy to detect
  • Very easy to detect
  • Does not require an audit to uncover
  • Found on about 35% of audits
  • Found on small to large merchants 
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