• Lack of Oversight and Government 
    ​Regulation Gives Credit Card Processors 
    ​Free Rein to ​Overbill Merchants. 

    This short video explains why congress refuses to  touch this industry. 

Credit Card Processors charge excessive discount rate markup, inflate interchange fees, inflate dues and assessments, make up fees, keep interchange rebates, 

keep debit rebates, force downgrades and hide fees through deceptive billing. Below, are a few of the more common ways they do it.

Zero Mark- Up Interchange 

Credit Card Processors/ISO's (independent sales organizations that resell processing) pretending to be a membership club with no markup. 

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Enhanced Billing

Most processors use the term "Enhanced Billing" when they charge a low “Discount Rate” then surcharge (over-inflate) the actual interchange rate. 

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Made-Up Fees

The processor made up a new fee called “Network Acquired Fee”. Since the processor places this in the Assessments section of their statement, it gives the illusion that the fee was from Visa or MasterCard.                                                                                                         

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Keeping Your Rebates

When merchants post refunds, the processing networks (Visa, MasterCard & Discover) return the Interchange to the processor.


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Missing Volume

When the processor removes the Processing Volume, the Interchange Fee can no longer be validated. 

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Bundled Billing

Processors hide their Discount Rate by 

bundling it with Processing Networks Fees (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), which are the Base Interchange Rate, along with Dues & Assessments. 

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Bucket Billing

The processor takes the 1000+ Interchange categories and divides them into three (3) Buckets:


1) Qualified

2) Mid-Qualified

3) Non-Qualified 

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Zero Disclosure   

Zero Disclosure Billing is just that. The processor does not make up complicated billing techniques, such as Bucket, Bundled, Numeric, or Missing Category Billing, etc. 

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