U. S. Pricing 

Simple Transparent Pricing

processing volume

(excluding AMEX)

 First AuditSecond Audit +
(one time fee)
  monthly Easy PCI
new merchant acct
N/A  Quoted
 < $500 Kfree $875  $500 -$600 *$75 - $9 5$4.95
 $500 K - $1M
 $600 -$700*$105 - $125
 $1M - $2Mfree 
$1,375 $700 -$900*$135- $175$4.95
 $2M - $5Mfree 
$1,450 $1,250 -$1,750  *$175 - $225$4.95
> $5M
 Quoted Quoted Quoted$4.95

*Receive a $25.00 monthly discount when setting up weAudit.com with individual online merchant statement access. 

weAudit.com will refund 200% of up to 6 months' monitoring payments in the unlikely event that you find a credit card processor that has verified "overall processing costs" less than that of weAudit.com's lowest previously negotiated rate.​​


To submit a claim, e-mail staff@weaudit.com identifying that you are requesting a 200% refund. Attach a copy of your new merchant agreement that you believe shows overall lower processing cost than the lowest cost previously negotiated on your behalf by weAudit.com. Upon receipt of the agreement, if the new processor overall cost is lower, within 3 business days weAudit.com will post a credit to your account via credit card or ACH, depending on how your funds were submitted to weAudit.com. Upon review, if the new processor overall cost is not lower - or weAudit.com requires additional information to properly process your claim - you will be contacted by email within 3 business days.