Our firm specializes in merchant processing audits. If your credit card processor took one penny too much, we will find it. 


Our legal department works with your current processor, or a new one if you prefer, to ensure a new agreement with transparent pricing and fair terms.

Interchange Optimization™

We get every transaction to clear at the lowest possible interchange rate. Maximizing your savings, maximizing your profits!

Easy PCI

While credit card processors make PCI hard and charge high non-compliance fees, we make PCI easy! Over 90% of our clients get PCI certified in under one hour.  

Monthly Audits audits your processing statements each month to ensure all processing fees align and are consistent with the fees defined in your restructured agreement. 

"If your credit card processor takes one penny too much, we will catch it and get it back.


We don't just audit... we get your money back!

When your credit card processor decides to take another run at taking your hard earned profits, we will meet them at the door. 

Our Legal Department seeks a refund at no extra cost to you.

Protecting & Advising 

Every client regardless of size is appointed an attorney as part of the team that is assigned to them. 

They will assist with everything from negotiating and vetting agreements to advising on processors mandates and memos, advising on convenience and surcharging fees, and so much more!  

ACH Audits

While Credit Card Audits have endless ways to hide overcharges, ACH is way more straightforward. 

Nevertheless, ACH providers will still take advantage adding in hidden fees, and doubling fees, etc. 

The average ACH audit uncovers about 50% savings.