Mark DeRousse

Partner, Vice President of Client Services

As vice president of client services, Mark is instrumental in’s  trajectory, with a sole focus on ensuring the clients know they, and they alone, are the greatest asset of Mark is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth for over 40 years. 

Mark started his career renting cars with Enterprise rent-a-car (the largest car rental company in the nation). Mark’s passion, and focus on collaborative team-building, and his commitment to meeting customer and market demands did not go unnoticed.  He was asked to start up a new company as President of Access Catalog Company (a subsidiary of Enterprise Rent a Car). Under Mark’s leadership, this start-up company went from zero to over $20 million a year in sales in a few short years. In 2015, Mark joined to pursue his passion for helping merchants to protect profits, jobs, and ultimately people. 

Mark has held a variety of leadership roles and currently serves on the board of One Heart Family Ministries which is an organization that recruits, assists in training and supports Christian families for children in Missouri State foster care.

Mark is a native of St. Louis and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Illinois.