We Reduced Their Total Processing Fees by 31%  


NOTE: The most important thing to remember is hidden fees, and over-billings come in endless ways. If you don't see these things on your statement, please don't take that as confirmation that all is well. 

This industry makes Billions every year, using different types of deceptive over-billings. 

Click get started to see how a merchant that had a .05 Discount Rate actually had a true discount effective rate of 1.136 costing the merchant just under $80,000 a year in made up and hidden fees. 

We will walk you through exactly how the processor did it to this merchant.  We have done thousand's of audits, and almost every one is different. Processors create new ways of over-billing all the time. As we learn how to catch them, then they change it, and re-serve it up with a new twist.   

In order to protect our client's private information and identity, many things have been changed or altered on this statement.  However, the actual data and the numbers are true and accurate from a real client's actual merchant statements. 

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